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You can blame it all on the UT Informal Classes.

I signed up for a Beading Basics class in the fall of 2001. I'd always had beads, rocks, and other neat and crafty things around; I figured it would give me a chance to think of ways to use them up so I could get back to sewing and cross-stitch. The gods are funny that way.

I fell in love on the second class. I had made a bracelet and wasn't happy with it. The instructor looked up and casually said, "You can always cut the string and start over." "Do-overs? Beading has do-overs." I looked down at the unlucky bracelet and my fate was sealed. By the end of the session I had spent quite a bit of money on beads and tools and fallen in love.

Want to buy some cross-stitch patterns?

Then I took some classes on wireworking. And bought some books, and took some more classes. I did wireworking exclusively for several years, and then I took a class in jewelry making at Austin Community College. Then another, and another. And then enameling. And coppersmithing... you get the idea. I now work in wire, metal, and enamel, and I often use one, two, or even all three techniques in a particular piece.

I've always loved interesting jewelry, and now I'm making what I like to wear. Someone referred to it as "nerd jewelry," and I think they're right. I like fossils, crystals, meteorites, sharks' teeth, beautiful coins, and fascinating minerals. Always have. So that's what I work with. I enjoy experimenting with texture and color, especially now that I'm also working with enamels. So my work ranges from interesting to cool to funky, with stops at stylish and elegant along the way. Let me know what you think!

I am available for custom work. Please !

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