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See photos of my latest jewelry creations on Flickr! Materials used for your items will not be exact matches to those shown, as I work in natural stone and all my work is done by hand. I only use the highest quality materials to create my jewelry. I am available for custom work. If you see something you like here but want it made with different stones or wire, please !

Necklaces Necklaces—My necklace designs can be made any length you desire. The average length is about 22" to 24". I am always willing to adjust the length to your preferences.
Pendants Pendants—Pendants are my mainstay! I use fossils, coins, and fun mineral specimens for wirewrapping. I also make small and large enamel pendants using a variety of methods ranging from stencils to rubber stamps.
Bracelets Bracelets—My bracelets can be made almost any length. The average length, is about 8" long. Often, especially with the coin bracelets, the length is at the mercy of the size of the coins used.
Earrings Earrings—Earrings are a big part of why I make jewelry—I own many many pairs, and I like interesting ones. (But not so interesting you can't wear them to work every day...) My earrings are ALWAYS on either niobium (completely nickel-free) or sterling silver earwires. I use fishook wires, but I can use loops, posts, or even clips if you want.
Misc Misc—I make bola ties, cufflinks, and tie tacs, since I believe that men deserve a little handmade bling as much as women do!


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